Thursday, 15 May 2014

I met Tom Hiddleston!

Today was pretty trying, but ultimately, it was rewarding. My day started off pretty early; Christine and I woke up pretty much at the crack of dawn because we had something very cool planned. We were going to go to the Hamilton set of Tom Hiddleston's new movie, Crimson Peak.

We drove almost two hours to Hamilton and when we arrived, we went to "base camp", which is where most people had reported meeting the cast, only to find that there were no trailers set up. Slightly discouraged but still very hopeful, we continued on to the Scottish Rite, where they were scheduled to be filming.

To be sure we weren't wasting our time waiting when the cast wouldn't be coming out, we asked a crew member if we were in the right place. He assured us that "he" (which we assumed meant either Tom Hiddleston or Charlie Hunnam) would come outside and that he was very nice. We were also told to stay on the outside perimeter of the property, which we of course respected.

So we waited around for about 45 minutes and a crowd of fans gathered, but after seeing hardly any activity going on, we were becoming skeptical as to whether anything was actually going to happen at the Scottish Rite. Christine decided she'd try to ask a couple of crew members if they knew when filming would start today, and she was told that no one would be filming there today - the crew was only setting up. They told her that filming was, in fact, taking place in Toronto, right by the university I used to go to.

We jumped in the car and got back on the road. When we got near the film set, we saw signs directing the way and our inner fans started taking over. But we quickly contained ourselves and got into place; we stood with the security guard and kept our distance from the trailers.

At one point, we saw Tom come back to the trailers for a break but we didn't try to say hi because he was still working. A little later, Tom's personal assistant came over to talk to us and tell us he'd let Tom know we were there, which was really nice.

Then came the rain. We were feeling dejected for a little while because it was an absolute torrential downpour, but our waiting paid off. Tom and his PA came out and waved us over to their car. Tom got in and as Christine and I stood under our umbrella, he said "I've got some headshots, is that ok?" And that was ok. That was very ok. He shook my hand and asked our names and personalized the photos, which was awesome. We talked to him for a bit and he was really lovely and kind.

I couldn't be happier with how the day turned out; this was my first-ever visit to any movie set-type thing, so I'm so glad Tom was so lovely and did that for us. I'm really happy that I got to meet Tom with Christine - I know it meant as much to her (if not more!) as it did to me.

Click here for Christine's account of the day.


  1. Ah! That sounds like such a great day full of adventures! I'm so happy you both got to meet him :D he sounds wonderful <3

    1. He truly is. And it was definitely a fun day :D