Monday, 12 May 2014

Bout of Books 10.0 | Day 1 Progress

My very first day participating in Bout of Books was certainly an interesting one!

I got a decent amount of reading done, given the day I had. You may have read my earlier post about attending Moira Young's book signing - much of the day was spent travelling there and then waiting in Chapters for the event to begin.

Given all that, here is the progress I made today:

Number of books I'm currently reading: 3

  • Blood Red Road by Moira Young
  • Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me? (And Other Concerns) audiobook by Mindy Kaling
  • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, Klaus Janson and Lynn Varley
Progress thus far:
  • 63 pages and about 40% of an audiobook

Bout of Books

So far, I'm really enjoying Blood Red Road; I think the way it's written is unique, and although it took me a while to get used to the style of writing, I'm quite enjoying it now. The story is so intriguing. Is Everyone Hanging Out without Me (And Other Concerns) is hilarious and often quite relateable -Mindy Kaling is so funny. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is the typical broody goodness you'd expect from a Batman graphic novel, so I'm quite enjoying that so far as well.

How much progress did you make on Bout of Books Day 1?


  1. Mindy Kaling's book has been one of my favorites this year. She's fairly awesome in my book. :) Have a good day 2!

    1. She's so funny! Thanks, you have a good day too!