Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Easter Cookies!

One day when I was scrolling through tumblr, I found a tutorial on how to make these cookies. I love decorating, so I knew I'd have to try making the cookies soon.

I decided to make them for my family's Easter gathering. I was a little nervous about making these because I've never actually attempted to decorate cookies before - I've only done cupcakes and cakes.

So I prepared my cookies and read the instructions diligently, and wouldn't you know it - my first cookie sucked. It barely resembled a flower. I was a little put out, but I persevered - and my second one looked awesome!

I made and decorated a whole (very time-consuming) batch of these cookies, and then no one wanted to eat them because they're too pretty. Once convinced, everyone enjoyed them though.

These are butter cookies covered in coloured royal icing, then decorated with the help of my handy dandy paintbrush. I thought the taste of the royal icing would overpower the cookie, but I was pleasantly surprised when the two flavours complemented each other.

I stepped a little outside my comfort zone and learned something new with these cookies - I'm so happy they turned out well and everyone liked them!

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