Saturday, 15 March 2014

Toronto ComiCon!

 Today was Toronto ComiCon!

I've been to Fan Expo Canada twice in the past two years, but this was my very first time at ComiCon, which is run by Fan Expo Canada.

When I hear "ComiCon," I immediately think of San Diego ComiCon-level fandemonium. This wasn't anywhere near as crazy as that, but one can dream. Toronto ComiCon is smaller than its summer counterpart (i.e. Fan Expo), but just as much fun, in my opinion. There were still tons of booths to visit and lots of artists' work to see. Sure, there weren't as many "big" celebrities as we get at Fan Expo, but for those wanting photo ops and autographs, that means less of a lineup.

The biggest plus for me was that there weren't as many attendees at ComiCon. When I'm surrounded by hoards of people, I tend to feel a bit claustrophobic and I get really grumpy...that still happened this time, but it was definitely not as bad as Fan Expo. I liked that I was actually able to look at the jewellery and art on display in Artist Alley, some of the finds there are awesome.

We went to the panel where Sean Astin and Billy Boyd were talking, which I found quite fun. I love the Lord of the Rings film series, so it was cool to hear stories about the making of the films. The room was absolutely packed - we were afraid we weren't going to get in, but we managed to get seats in the last row.

After a long day of nerdy awesomeness, my sister and I were content but ready to go home!

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