Saturday, 15 March 2014

Marissa Meyer Book Signing!

Marissa Meyer did a book signing at a local mall today.

Personally, I haven't read any of her Lunar Chronicles series yet, but my sister loves it so I though it'd be fun to take her. We met Christine there, who's also read the series (and is actually the one who let me know about the event!).

While we were in line a few hours before the signing, Marissa came around and gave everyone pins related to the series, which I thought was a really nice gesture!

I quite enjoyed the talk she gave before the signing, where she explained NaNoWriMo's (National Novel Writing Month, for those who are wondering) role in the creation of "Cinder" and its successors. She also did a dramatic retelling of the Grimm Brothers' "Rapunzel," which was quite fitting as her most recent release, "Cress," is an adaptation of the classic fairytale.

I had a lot of fun at the signing and it just made me more excited to get started on reading Marissa's Lunar Chronicles series!

Have you ever been to a book signing? What book/author was it for?

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