Saturday, 15 March 2014

"The 100" | Book Review

This book is infuriating.

This barely passes as a post-apocalyptic novel. There is hardly any talk of what the earth looks like after the nuclear winter, and after having been abandoned for 300 years. Where there was so much potential based on the premise, the pages are full of angst and idiocy.

As for the characters, they're so utterly stupid that I just want to slap them.


Wells is so obsessed with Clarke that he risks the entire human race. Are you kidding me? He makes bad decision after bad decision, and just when you think he's figured out how to be a normal human being, he goes and does another dumb thing.

Glass is so in love with Luke that it makes her completely stupid.

I think the only character I could actually tolerate was Clarke, aside from her decision to confide in Wells.

A lot of stuff just doesn't make sense. If you're running out of resources, which is why you're executing prisoners, and you just kill every prisoner on their 18th birthday, why waste resources on keeping them alive until they're 18?

In short, just don't bother with this, it's infuriating.


  1. Your face is priceless omg.

    1. Lol! It's a very accurate representation of how this book made me feel.