Friday, 15 May 2015

Colin Campbell's "Free Days With George" Book Launch at Ben McNally Books | Event Recap

Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you about the book launch for Colin Campbell's Free Days With George.

From the moment George walked into the store, he was so comfortable walking around and greeting everyone as he investigated his surroundings. Eventually, he settled on his favourite spot: the food table.

George hangin' around his favourite spot
Christine and I spent most of the night following George around because we're huge animal lovers and George is a beautiful, sweet, fluffy big dog.

Colin giving a moving speech 
At one point during the night, Colin gave a very heartfelt speech about what this book means to him. He also thanked a few people who mean a lot to him and have helped him throughout the creation of this book. I definitely teared up.

The beautiful cake
When we met Colin, he greeted us by saying "the bloggers!" and he seemed genuinely excited to meet us, which was definitely a really cool moment for me!

Colin cutting the cake
There was a moment during Colin's speech when he called George; George ran over and smothered Colin in kisses. It was so sweet, and was probably my favourite moment of the night because it's a testament to the bond they share. Seeing them interact, it's so clear that they've had a wonderful effect on each other.

I'm genuinely happy for Colin and George, and I wish both of them the best of luck with Free Days With George!

You can read my review of Free Days With George & enter the giveaway here, and read my Q&A with Colin Campbell here.

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