Wednesday, 14 October 2015

The Word on the Street Toronto 2015 | Event Recap

This was my first year attending The Word on the Street, the festival whose tagline is "Celebrating reading. Advocating Literacy." This festival brings together thousands of people across Canada, all of whom share a love for reading.

If you live in Canada and have never been, I highly recommend you check out their website (which I've linked above), so you can find the one closest to you. It's a great place to meet awesome people and find interesting books - at great prices, I'd like to add!

Some of the things I got from the festival!

This year, the festival was held at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. It was such a beautiful day and I think the venue was perfect. There was plenty of space for the vendors, and there was a lovely breeze from the lake. It was a very short walk from the booths to the waterfront, if you wanted to have lunch by the water, or even just take a break from the crowds!

My signed copy!

I had the opportunity to participate in The Word on the Street Book Club, and I chose to read The Deadbeat Club by Dietrich Kalteis (You can check out my review here!). The club for this book was hosted by Christine over at Padfoot's Library, who came up with some great, thought-provoking questions for us. We got to meet Dietrich after an interesting panel on crime novels, and he was so nice! When Christine and I told him our names, he seemed excited and immediately thanked us for doing the Book Club. He even remembered that I stuck with the club til the end!

I'm so glad I went to The Word on the Street this year. It was a great day full of books, contests (I even won a 1-year subscription to Legion Magazine!), fun, and friends. I'm already looking forward to next year's event!


  1. Is that a copy of the Lost Ocean colouring book?! I'm so jealous. It's not released here until the 22nd of October. :-)

    Sounds like a great event, you got a great haul.

    1. Yes!! Well, it's a preview anyway. Quite a few pages in this preview and they're all beautiful of course! It comes out October 27 here, so still about a week's can get it soon though, woo! :D