Monday, 20 April 2015

Tara O'Brady's "Seven Spoons" Book Launch at Ben McNally Books | Event Recap

Hi friends! I was very lucky tonight - I got to attend the book launch for Tara O'Brady's Seven Spoons cookbook!

The Ben McNally Books storefront

Tara started off as a blogger and with the publication of this book, she has come so far. As a blogger myself, it's inspirational to see the possibilities that can come from such a thing.

The beautiful bookstore

The event was held in Ben McNally Books, a beautiful little shop on Bay St. I'd never been there before, so it was really cool to see the ceiling-high bookshelves - they're basically my (and every other book lover's) dream come true.

The snack table - mmm...cookies

There was a really nice array of cheese, crackers, wine...oh, and cookies!! The recipe for these beauties is in the cookbook. I ate the big ole one on the left and enjoyed every moment.

Tara O'Brady says a few heartfelt words

During the launch, Tara gave a lovely speech, thanking many of the people who've helped her along the way in getting Seven Spoons published - she seemed so humbled by all the support she has been and is getting!

My signed copy of Seven Spoons!

What was also really cool for me is that Tara actually recognized Christine and I from Instagram! She even remembered my name and which sauce I preferred with my Salad Rolls (more to come on that tomorrow!). Tara took the time to chat with everyone and was just so sweet - I'm glad I got to show my support for her and her book.

Seven Spoons will be available in stores and online tomorrow.

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Photos by nikkitheknack


  1. It sounds like a great night! Wish I could have gone to meet her D:

  2. This was such a fun evening and I'm so glad we got to go together :D