Friday, 19 September 2014

"Virgin" by Radhika Sanghani | Book Review

Ellie Kolstakis is a 21-year-old virgin. She's not looking for Mr. Right and she's not saving herself for marriage; she just hasn't...had the opportunity.

Virgin is the hilarious account of a girl on a quest to lose her virginity. She's in her final year of college and is sick of having to lie about her sexual experience when playing Never Have I Ever with her classmates.

In preparation for the big event, Ellie starts thinking - well, panicking - about what's expected of her, especially down there. The last time a guy saw her untrimmed pubic hair, he laughed. Hard. She never wants to feel that mortification again.

This novel is hilarious from the get-go. I find Ellie herself really funny. At first, her obsession with (losing) her virginity was a bit much - I kind of wanted to grab her by the shoulders and say, "It's okay, there's no need to rush! There are so many different kinds of people and you're not a freak!" But as the story progressed, there were just so many amusingly understandable situations. It's hard not to laugh at and love this book. And it's so refreshing to read about the things that are so rarely discussed regarding the female body.

This story, with Ellie as the amusingly exasperated protagonist, is so easy to relate to. From her nerves on a first date, to her relationships with her friends, to her panic about her pubes, Ellie is easy to identify with - in spite of and because of her flaws.

Whether or not you're a virgin, you'll definitely find something to relate to in this comically honest novel.

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