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"Saga: Volume 3" | Book Review

"Saga: Volume 3" Cover
*Please note: This is a review of Volume THREE, and will contain spoilers from the first two volumes. Feel free to read my reviews of Volume 1 and Volume 2.*

In the last volume, Prince Robot IV arrived at D. Oswald Heist's home, and I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was concerned that he would ambush Alana, Marko, and co when they got there. But yet again, they avoided catastrophe because as it turned out, they'd been on Quietus for a week! This volume involves a lot of explaining what happened over the course of that week.

I like the way Brian K. Vaughan handled the Quietus story line, because instead of showing what happened in chronological time, he created a sense of suspense and urgency by not telling us that Alana, Marko, and co were already in hiding on Quietus.

Volume 3 feels far less action-packed than the first two installments; instead, the focus is on Marko and Alana talking to Heist, whose work inspired their whole relationship. The intrigue is ever-present in this series, and this volume is no different in that sense.

In this volume, there's much more of a media presence - Upsher and Doff, a tabloid journalist and a photographer, respectively, play a much larger role than in previous volumes. I think their storyline, i.e. being poisoned by The Brand so that if they leak information about Alana and Marko's family they'll die, is an interesting take on censorship. Saga is different from our world in a lot of obvious ways, but there are seemingly endless interesting parallels.

I really enjoyed Volume 3; there was plenty of intrigue - and just enough action - to keep my fascinated with the story all the way through!

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